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Infinity - Luxury Gold -

Infinity - Luxury Gold -


~ GENESIS Infinity is here ~

"The intersection of European noble society and urban culture."

With such a beautiful background, Genesis Sound Technology was created as a place to present artistic works by A&M group, which has been successful in the European music market, with a history of collaborating with legendary artists such as John Capek (composer for Toto and Diana Ross), Sefi Carmel (keyboardist for Phil Collins and composer for the film ET), and London drummer Chuck Sabo, who supported Elton John in the 1990s.

The best and brightest from Germany, the UK and Japan have been brought together to develop the first set of headphones for listening - INFINITY - and Bluetooth earphones - FREEDOM - to be released in early summer 2022. The beautifully colored GENESIS blue bezel with the GENESIS logo, symbolizing the company's glorious history, will reflect a variety of faces as more products are released in the future.


Release performance by linking apps .

Sound Tuning Software with IoT

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The Team

Who We Are

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​Yuichi Kase

​Product Manager

One who participates in the global music production of the A & M group and knows the world's best sound.

​ He is also a trade specialist who manages the Japanese subsidiary of European manufacturers in the group and deals daily with deals around the world in the agency business.


Hiro Furuya

Executive Officer & Chief Designer

General manager and chief designer of the GENESIS brand in general. Has achieved worldwide achievements in music production.

He has left many works with John Capec (TOTO, composer of Diana Ross) and Chuck Sabo (drummer of Elton John), and is responsible for transmitting the sound of GENESIS to the world.



3D / CG Designer

A world-class composer who works on fashion shows and theme songs for Versace, Valentino and BMW.

​ He is studying art at the University of London and is strong in general art. At GENESIS, he is involved in 3D / CG drawing from the production of music.

information information

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Company : A&M Group Inc.

Address:8-15-6, Isobe, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi,

Chiba-prefecture, JAPAN

TEL : We can discuss by online such as Zoom or Google meet.

Contact : Mail here

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