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New headphone - infinity luxury gold - a debut worldwide.

Hi there,

I'm so happy to announce this news to worldwide friends. The wonderful headphone GENESIS - Infinity Luxury Gold - manufactures the latest philosophy.

Oh excuse me, my name is Hiro Furuya who is responsible for a person's GENESIS brand. I have participated in many works music industry as a music producer and mastering engineer so now my career is based all over the music world.

Then I have planned the greatest headphones for all the music people because I'm feeling if we look for nice gear is so difficult.

If you choose this headphone you will be able to hear and see the precise sound structure of the song you are listening to all the time. You might be aware and look at the new world from your favorite songs.

If you utilize this headphone for mastering, you can understand what is the answer to your song. Because always I'm using Kii Three + BXT it's one of the best speakers for mastering I'm feeling. This amazing environment's best partner is GENESIS - Infinity Luxury Gold - by my experience. You will watch another music world by GENESIS.

Let's go to the GENESIS world.

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