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The Team

Who We Are


Hiro Furuya

Executive Officer & Chief Designer

General manager and chief designer of the GENESIS brand in general. Has achieved worldwide achievements in music production.

​ John Capec (TOTO, composer of Diana Ross) Chuck Sabo (drummer of Elton John) and many other works, leaving the sound of GENESIS to the world It bears the heavy responsibility of sending.

​Yuichi Kase

​Product Manager

One who participates in the global music production of the A & M group and knows the world's best sound.

​ He is also a trade specialist who manages Japanese subsidiaries of European manufacturers in the group and deals daily with deals around the world as an agency business.

One of the few human resources who knows the size of the world and inherits a keen sensitivity.

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3D / CG Designer

A world-class composer who works on fashion shows and theme songs such as Versace, Valentino and BMW.

​ He is studying art at the University of London and is strong in general art. GENESIS is involved in 3D / CG drawing from music production.


​ Wear headphones like you wear jewelry

~ Headphones finally enter the realm of art ~

The A & M Group's business, which takes place on the world's highest stage, has been dynamically developed with top artists from around the world. As a sound professional such as piano recording of the winner of the International Chopin Competition at the 2009 Shanghai Expo, sound production of the 2018 German World Cup official song, mastering, etc., he plays an important role in national events, and the participating songs are charted on charts all over the world. I've been in.
Having experienced many such dream stages, we have adopted the world's most advanced philosophy in the equipment we use and won 15 international endorser contracts centered on European manufacturers. We have been rewriting one after another the achievements that did not exist in Japan.
With sufficient know-how, the next action we took was to build the equipment ourselves as a manufacturer. Our dream-like experience of knowing the world's most advanced equipment, which we rarely heard in Japan, and the hearing of working with a super-major artist called a legend are the next generation. We are creating an environment that is just right for producing equipment that can be said.

Launched as a super brand maker, GENESIS is created by combining innovative design with the world's best track record of music production know-how acquired through dynamic music activities on the world stage. The form that can be called art and the sound that allows you to fully experience the beauty are the best works of art.

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